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SAAB News:

How to Disfigure a Classic Saab 900 in 13 minutes

Not feasible See the project made by TheSketchMonkey. The Classic Saab 900 is considered by many to be most beautiful youngtimer, Additionally – in the opinion of some this car is even most beautiful in the entire history of motoring.  Can this classic design be distorted The answer is – yes, in an attempt to […]...

A Saab Gathering in Shanghai

Last week in Shanghai, a fairly large gathering of the owner of the Saab car was held. Saab cars were always very rare in China, and For this reason, this car enthusiast gathering in the largest Chinese city is even more significant. Let’s remind you, NEVS will build a second car factory in China and the factory […]...

The Project-96

On a freezing but sunny day in February 1966, a snow-white, cute car rolls off the band of the Sveriges Aeroplan Bolag (SAAB). Pretty loud, with a lot of smoke … It’s a 2-stroke with 3 cylinders. Since the birth of this car has passed 53 years. Of those 53 years, only the last two […]...

The Perfect Saab 9-5 Griffin 3.0 V6

Today, with a little delay, we present one exceptional Saab 9-5. The proud owner of this car is 22-year-old  Julian-Henry Strauß, from Cologne in Germany. He bought this Saab from a 83 Year old pharmaceutical technologist in Baden Württemberg in 2014. He bought the Saab new and drove it 14 Years, then Julian bought it […]...

My Saab Garage Portugal

Our Saab friend from Lisbon, Portugal – Dário Galvão sent us his Saab story. He is the founder of the Saab Club in Portugal but this time he wants to tell you guys a special project that he started around 2 years ago. You can find it on facebook, a page called @mysaabgarage were he […]...

Saab Car Museum Festivalpass 2019

As the festival time approaches, every day there is more Saab Festival 2019 news. As the festival time approaches, there will be more news, activities, exciting information, competitions and much more, so keep an extra eye on facebook page until the festival. Bildelslagret (The car dealership in Lidköping was founded in 1957 and since 1991 […]...

SKU-10405 Expansion Tank - Genuine SAAB 90499767 from  sku

Expansion Tank - Genuine SAAB 90499767 - 10405 by Genuine SAAB

Item description: This SAAB Cooling Systems product is by Genuine SAAB - Coolant expansion tank for any 99-03 9-5 V6. Includes level sensor.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Genuine SAAB

Keywords: 90499767 Expansion Tank Engine Coolant Reservoir Genuine SAAB ORIONA 11846011001 21349767 4575692 847603068071 90499767 90499767A expansion tank

Store: is a rapidly growing online auto parts retailer with nearly 20,000 parts in currently offers parts for Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Porsche, SAAB, Volvo, and Volkswagon.

Category: Cooling Systems


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